Diversity and Ability is an award-winning disabled-led social enterprise paving the way for a future where everyone is welcomed and included.

We support individuals, organisations and social justice projects to create inclusive cultures where diversity is valued and people can thrive.

With 85% of our staff identifying as neuro diverse or disabled, we believe that peer-to-peer support, delivered by those with shared lived experiences, has the potential to make life-changing differences. Our support is tailored to the unique needs of the individual ensuring it is genuinely empowering. We are particularly keen to highlight the importance of an authentic, intersectional approach to supporting disabled people.

We believe learning differences arise from natural human diversity, as opposed to ‘deficit’ models of understanding disability. We celebrate different learning styles, and the important contributions neurodiversity makes in society.

Good meeting with Jonny Goodwin. His curiosity and enthusiasm for our work was great to see. It’s always life-affirming to feel sincerity strengthen the work we do. It’s a long road with many challenges to overcome but made all the easier with the good conversations and shared values.

Atif Choudhury, Chief Executive, Diversity and Ability