The Employability Trust is a charity based in Peterlee which seeks to help the NEET’s of the North East to prepare for work.

Through non-traditional training we aim to teach the unemployed people the skills that they need to secure long term employment. In our 15,000sq ft factory unit we give REAL work experience manufacturing and engineering REAL products. Through these contracts with local industries we are able to train the candidates on actual processes and equipment.

People coming through The Employability Trust’s work experience programme build confidence, learn skills such as time keeping, team work and communication skills and receive support to find and secure long term employment. It is a no-pressure environment which gently builds up to the pressures of industry allowing the candidate to grow and adapt to the needs of a modern working environment.

Develop skills valuable for life
Alongside our non-traditional work experience programme we also offer a variety of qualifications suitable to the needs of the individual. This may be an award in Employability Skills or Health and Safety Awareness, a Traineeship or skills such as a fork lift drivers licence. Each person is assessed and the training tailored to their specific needs and wants ensuring the best result for the individual.

Meeting with David was fantastic, he immediately helped me to simplify the two elements to our business and to focus on our key strengths.  

Bill Marley, CEO, The Employability Trust