Careers by design, not by accident.

We have a clear vision to change the energy, focus and accessibility to provide all young people with support to develop their early careers effectively.

The traditional careers model is broken and out of date. Our mission is to deliver face to face career development opportunities in an affordable and sustainable way that recognises the needs of all stakeholders – schools, parents/carers, employers, government and most of all young people.


Listen to Jenny explain what Talentino do and what their plans for the future are in this short video.

Jenny shares what she learnt about scaling your business, from her meeting with John Frieda in this video.

Scaling your business cannot be done overnight.

John was expressive, expansive, generous of thought and ideas. He affirmed some things for me and made me come back to a simple perspective rather than the mania that is the daily life of an entrepreneur.

Jenny Connick, Managing Partner of Talentino