Founded in 2019, Acre Impact Capital invests in growth-stage, climate-aligned infrastructure in emerging markets by partnering with leading commercial lenders and export credit agencies.

Our Export Finance Fund I addresses the estimated $100 billion annual infrastructure financing gap in Africa, driving economic growth and providing essential services for underserved populations.

We target four impact thematics:

i) Renewable Power
ii) Health, Food and Water Scarcity
iii) Sustainable Cities
iv) Green Transportation

By co-investing alongside well-established export credit agency partners, we aim to achieve risk-adjusted market-rate returns for our investors while mobilising up to 5.6x private sector capital for every dollar invested.

We are supported by The Rockefeller Foundation through its Innovative Finance Zero Gap program.

Both personable and knowledgeable, Graham provided me with targeted and thoughtful guidance. I was impressed with how much we achieved in an hour!  

Hussein Sefian, Founding Partner, Acre Impact Capital