As a clinical psychology led company passionate about the lives of children who have experienced adversity, we want nothing less than to change the landscape of children’s social care in the UK.
We use a set of tools called BERRI to map the psychological needs of children, particularly those receiving social care services.
It can help carers and professionals to choose the right placements and services, and to know whether what they are doing is working. Our methodology is proven to improve outcomes for children whilst saving costs for the public purse.
We have projects underway in secure units, fostering agencies, schools and local authorities. We are looking to scale further within the UK, and then to explore international markets.
Below, Dr Silver presents a case study of how BERRI can work.

Carrie was was a very authentic person to connect with, who clearly cared about families and making a difference in the world. She was fantastically supportive and full of practical suggestions. It was great to have my business ideas and the value of the project affirmed, and to think about the practical steps forward to turn it into a profitable company.

Dr Miriam Silver, Director of BERRI