Do you remember that very first moment you realised that your finances were now your responsibility – yours alone, with no help. Was it scary, empowering, exciting or terrifying. Or were you just lost? That first job, an inheritance, investments, your first home or a new pension.

Young people are expected to just know what to do.Trouble is…most don’t.

Dom Education Group offer a service to young people (and beyond) to fill those gaps that the standard curriculum left behind.

Debt doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is the result of poor choices, made by people who are simply lacking the right knowledge.

Schools don’t have the time or resources to teach financial knowledge and parents often don’t know themselves. This is something that DOMEG wants to remedy. Our courses are fun, interactive, pitched at the right age groups and suitable for all.

We caught up with Debbie and Diana after their Expert Impact mentoring session with Oli Barrett MBE to find out more about their business and plans.

In this video, the sisters share their tips for other entrepreneurs on how to make a mentoring session work, and share their feedback on the Expert Impact experience.

Oli was very knowledgable and suited to our business. He was a great expert, very supportive and gave us some great ideas, insight and guidance. He was very open and easy to speak to, and very good at giving us advice on what to focus on and where we can network further.

Debbie & Di Dominican, Co-Founders of DOMEG