Barre & Baby offers ballet classes specifically for expectant and new mums with their baby. Each class has been designed to help mothers prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

Barre & Baby is not only a ballet class. The unique programme creates a base for a loving and respectful beginning into the world, and may even have positive echoes on future generations. Quite a magical thought!

We measure our social impact through the number of mums we support in their pregnancy and motherhood journey and especially feedback from mums in difficult times.

I am very grateful to Expert Impact for allowing me to meet with Carrie. We had a great conversation on ways to grow my business and her suggestions were all genuinely correct and helpful! I feel I’m in a better position now to gear up and more confident to follow my ambitions!

Elisa Reinerio, Founder of Barre & Baby