Footbus is an app for students to create and share routes to walk together for safety and friendship. Students often walk the same routes on their own around university towns, and Footbus is a quick and easy way to find other students to walk with, especially after a night out. At a time when 23% of students are lonely all or most of the time, Nicky would like every fresher to be in a Footbus group to help make friends and build community safely while enjoying university life.


Carrie was extremely helpful. Easy to talk with yet direct. She was very generous in sharing her experience, in fact she kept throwing in really helpful advice in an almost casual manner so you had to be a quick note taker!  She had clearly researched my field ahead of the meeting which I appreciated, and came up with great questions and ideas that I had not considered.  I found the session with Carrie really useful.  I felt relieved to be able to share some of my concerns with someone who had ‘been there and done that’, and Carrie let the conversation meander to allow me to ask away.  By the end of the session I felt as if I had been gently picked up and turned to face the right direction.

Nicky Robinson, Founder, Footbus