Peppy Pals is the first company in the world to gamify Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for kids ages 2-6 without using text or language. Their unique and award-winning approach uses storytelling, humor and qualitative animations.

Through five gender-neutral animal friends, children explore scenarios relatable to real life that also sparks parent-child conversations. Their apps have among others proven to help children identify and deal with their own and others’ emotions, to collaborate and to solve conflicts. They have also shown to be valuable for special needs families.

Peppy Pals recognises that children learn in different ways, which is also why Peppy Pals’ stories are told in different ways. Either through interactive games in the app Peppy Pals Social Skills, movies on YouTube or e-books on Amazon Kindle. Their concept is developed together with kids, researchers and psychologists and since 2018, Peppy Pals is also supported by LEGO Ventures.

David was very professional and really broadened my perspectives. As an entrepreneur you never stop and take a second to think, so it was great to get an external point of view.

Paulina Olsson, Chief Marketing Officer of Peppy Pals