Based under a council estate in Camden, we are a civic space, providing opportunities for local artists to practice, local charities to operate and local people to come together.

Our community is at the heart of what we do and as a charity, our mission is to provide opportunities for well-being and social cohesion through the creation of mosaic art and other art activities.

We work extensively with vulnerable people within the community, including those with special educational needs, youths from a local offending service and older people.

We want to create prosperity on Camden’s most deprived estate, by using the resources to hand and our own skills and knowledge.

We have two empty roofs on the buildings where we are based and we want to put solar panels on them. They are large – 6000sqm – and above the treeline, waiting to be brought into use.

We applied to Expert Impact for advice on installing solar panels on our roof, paid for by a community share offer, and using the income raised from this to promote local business and activity.

Thank you so much for the mentoring session, during which we discussed next steps to develop a strategy for PR and marketing. It was helpful for you to detail how we could develop a series of articles for our local newspaper, and nurture relationships with our local councillors and MP.

David Tootill, Director, Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society