Kishan Devani

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Kishan Devani

Kishan has engaged many young Asian people to get involved in British civic life through talks at schools, colleges and universities, with the aim of inspiring them to join the fields of politics, education and social service. He is a senior advisor to International NGO ActionAid UK.

He has huge expertise in cross border trade relations between Africa and the UK, India and the UK and the Middle East and the UK.  Kishan also currently serves as President – International Relations of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.

Kishan has acted as Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality (LDCRE) and was also elected Vice-Chairman of Liberal Democrats in Business (the section of the party that looks after Business engagement).

He is also Associate Lecturer of Politics, International Relations, Diplomacy, Advocacy & Resolution at London Metropolitan University, lecturing BA & MA students on Geopolitics, International Relations, Politics & Diplomacy. He also delivers lectures on advocacy, diplomacy and resolution.

Kishan has also worked in education as the Director of The Woodfield School, a specialist SEN School, in London. He was also the Lead Proposer of GATES Academy; a Free School application in London.


Kishan Devani
Kishan has mentored

Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society

We are a civic space in Camden, providing opportunities for local artists to practice, local charities to operate and local people to come together.

  • Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society

Thank you so much for the mentoring session, during which we discussed next steps to develop a strategy for PR and marketing. It was helpful for you to detail how we could develop a series of articles for our local newspaper, and nurture relationships with our local councillors and MP.

David Tootill, Director, Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society

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