Joanne Baban Morales

Founder, Nunude
Joanne Baban Morales Nunude

Joanne is the founder and CEO of Nunude, a shapewear and underwear company that caters for all sizes and skin tones. She started the company as a response to the lack of representation of diversity she saw in the industry. As a result Joanne often finds herself speaking to young people at schools and universities about the importance of body image, self-love, and representation across all industries.

Entrepreneurship started early for Joanne – in school aged 15, where she would buy trainers and sell them at a profit to other students. She started her first business aged 20 and describes it as “a lifelong degree in financial freedom and education.”

Nunude has been globally recognised and is considered not just a brand but a movement and a platform of opportunity for underrepresented women.

Joanne Baban Morales Nunude

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