Katharina Sophia Volz

CEO and founder of OccamzRazor
Katharina Sophia Volz

Katharina Sophia Volz is the CEO and founder of OccamzRazor, a startup using machine learning to find treatments for brain ageing related diseases starting with Parkinson’s disease.

In partnership with the Stanford AI Lab, OccamzRazor built machine learning algorithms that read, extract, and process information from scientific reports and clinical data.

OccamzRazor’s proprietary machine learning platform mapped all existing scientific knowledge about brain ageing using predictive algorithms and is now pinpointing what goes wrong inside cells that eventually lead to this disease.

Over $6M of funding has been raised from investors including Jeff Dean (Chief of Google AI and founder of Google Brain), Tom Glocer (long term CEO of Thomson Reuters) Techammer and DA Wallach.

Dr. Volz was the first to receive a PhD in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine from Stanford University, completing her degree in a record time of two and a half years.

She has spoken at numerous events throughout the world and her work has been profiled in leading publications including The Guardian, BBC, WIRED and Forbes.

Katharina Sophia Volz

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