Panthea Lee

Executive Director, Reboot
Panthea Lee

Panthea Lee is the Executive Director of Reboot, where she leads the global team’s strategy and partnerships, and oversees programme execution.

She is a pioneer in designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes to address complex social challenges, with experience doing so in 30+ countries.

The global co-design processes she’s led have resulted in the launch of bold new efforts to:

  • protect human rights defenders,
  • tackle public sector corruption,
  • strengthen participatory democracy,
  • advance equity in the open knowledge movement,
  • reform leading international agencies,
  • drive innovation in independent media.

She is passionate about facilitating unlikely but effective collaborations between communities, activists, movements, and institutions to tackle structural inequity—and working with cultural institutions to build public momentum for courageous change.

She has also conducted assessments of major public programs and agencies that reveal the often hidden incentives and informal channels that drive their decision-making. Her insights have informed change agendas and processes within these institutions.

Prior to Reboot, Panthea was with UNICEF Innovation and was a researcher / designer specialising in the use of technology to reduce inequities in global development.

Earlier in her career, she was a journalist and cultural producer. As a journalist, she covered topics related to sustainable development, urban innovation, and arts and culture, and was executive editor of China’s largest, national English-language magazine.

She also produced 1,000+ person gatherings including film festivals, design competitions, and cultural salons, both independently and with partners such as TED, CNN, and TIME.

Her work has been featured by Al Jazeera, Aspen Institute, The Atlantic, New York Times, MIT Innovations Journal, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and she has lectured at Columbia, Harvard, and New York Universities.

Panthea mentors several social entrepreneurs and sits on the boards of AIGA Design for Democracy and Development Gateway.

Panthea Lee
Panthea has mentored

The Weaving Lab

The Weaving Lab trains leaders, cultivates research, builds networks and advises organisations working to weave thriving communities.

  • The Weaving Lab

Panthea was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and made sure her advice was targeted, tailored, and based on an understanding of the specific situation described. It was also just a pleasure talking and exchanging!  

Zineb Mouhyi, Co-Founder, Weaving Lab

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