Michael Howard

Managing Director, Urban Bubble
Michael Howard

Michael Howard is the owner and Managing Director of the North West’s (UK) award-winning property management firm urbanbubble. He started the company from the spare bedroom in his apartment after becoming frustrated with the property manager of his own building. He then took on the management of all 70 apartments in his block.

Since founding the company in 2008, Michael has become a keynote speaker for the property industry and is recognised as a Build-to-Rent (BtR) / Private Rented Sector (PRS) specialist. This has led to the appointment of an advisory role to the UK Apartment Association.

Since 2008, urbanbubble has been elected by nearly 11,000 residents to care for 10,000 schemes across the UK. The company has been recognised as one of the best places to work in the property management sector in the North West of England and has won numerous awards.

Along the way, urbanbubble has partnered with renowned developers to devise and execute a world-class property service to key schemes by Legal and General, Property Alliance, Capital & Centric and many more.

Michael has a BA in Economics and was selected by Manchester Metropolitan University to undergo the GS10K program along with the other top 6% UK growth companies.

Michael Howard
Michael has mentored

Borrow Don’t Buy CIC

Plymouth’s Library of Things. We lend items that don’t need to be bought to our local community, saving our members money, space and helping them to reduce their carbon footprints.

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Michael was brilliant, incredibly easy to talk to, and really supportive from the get go. His enthusiasm and focus meant that in just one hour we managed to touch on several areas, work out where priorities lay, and come up with an action plan. Expert Impact providing access to this kind of support and expertise is hugely confidence boosting, thank you!

Esther Scali, Co-ordinator, Borrow Don’t Buy CIC