Jeremy King

Co-Founder & CEO, Corbin & King

Jeremy initially pursued a career in merchant banking but gave that up to go into catering, becoming Searcy’s youngest ever manager at the age of 21. Although headhunted to run a restaurant, wine bar and wine importing business, he soon returned to his passion for restaurants with the arrival of American restaurant Joe Allen in London, where he was Maitre d’Hôtel. Whilst there, he met Chris Corbin and they launched their business partnership in 1981, which has now lasted over 35 years.

Under their company Caprice Holdings they restored faded restaurants Le Caprice, The Ivy and J. Sheekey to their former glory, going on to sell to Belgo Limited in 1998. They remained non-executive Directors with the company until 2002.

Under Rex Restaurant Associates in 2001 they opened The Wolseley, followed by St.Alban, The Delaunay and The Counter. After a deal in 2012 with Graphite Capital, who invested £21 million in the company to expand their portfolio, they went on to open Brasserie Zedel and Colbert. In 2014 the company changed names to Corbin & King, under which they have opened Fischer’s, The Beaumont and Bellanger.