Layton Tamberlin

Founder, Sullivan Street
Layton Tamberlin

Layton Tamberlin has 17 years experience as an investor.

He spent the first seven years of his career in more traditional private equity, learning core skills at TDR Capital.

Since founding his own company Sullivan Street in 2010 he has made investment decisions and worked with smaller UK businesses.

In this time he has invested in, and served as a Director for, companies with values of £1m to £5bn, seeing both the benefits of driven ownership and the pitfalls in the market of financial machinations, short-term stewardship and governance.

Layton believes that the pursuit of long-term investment returns is compatible with responsible stewardship of business and responsible corporate citizenship.

He read Mathematics & Philosophy at Keble College, Oxford, and this way of thinking shapes his approach to business today. Analytical with respect to investment opportunities, he is logical and principled in terms of representing the various stakeholders in the businesses in which Sullivan Street is involved.

Layton has an autistic brother living permanently in care, and has seen first hand a sector where the role of the corporate has needed to become stronger and more responsible as the role of governments has receded.

As this trend continues in every sector, with globalisation eroding the power of individuals and national bodies, Layton believes it is essential that companies step into the void in a responsible manner.

Layton relishes a challenge and any complexity presented by transactions in front of him – he is impatient and intolerant with half-measures and believes every problem to have a solution.

Layton Tamberlin

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