Energy saving solutions without the capital expenditure.

Decarbon specialises in providing investment for businesses and other organisations to lower energy consumption and costs. This boosts profitability and helps businesses remain as competitive as possible while reducing exposure to volatile energy costs. By being more energy efficient our clients find it easier to win and retain their customers by demonstrating tangible measures to lower footprints from lower energy consumption and wastage.

Dan’s career has been spent in the financial and consulting industries. He was a senior management consultant for IBM and PwC managing complex outsourcing projects, and an IBD Associate with Morgan Stanley, where he specialised in structuring and executing corporate transactions. Dan founded Decarbon Capital in 2010 after winning London Business School’s 2009 Clean Tech Challenge for his low cost funding model for sustainable energy projects. Dan is also an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at London Business School.


Listen to Dan explain what Decarbon do in his own words in this short video.

Dan shares his top tip that he was given from David in his session.

Accessing insight from successful business leaders such as David Giampaolo is like having access to gold dust, and all aspiring business leaders should seek it.

Daniel Saunders, Managing Director & Founder of Decarbon Capital