Our aim has been, and always will be, to help lifeguards saves more lives.

Asap is an electric power assisted water craft for beach lifeguards – a cheaper alternative to a jet ski. A one person launch rescue or patrol craft, which can be solar charged. It is a more financially viable and sustainable option for lifeguard stations. The product is currently being developed to manufacture level and will be available to buy soon.

Ross explains what ASAP Water Crafts are in this short clip.

Ross spoke to Denzyl about how to build a brand that is distributed globally, in this video he shares what he took from his session.

Denzyl was incredible at looking at the whole vision of my business, focussing on our end goal then working backwards – steps on how we get there. We spoke about how we can create more than just a product, we can create a whole community within the lifeguard world and support rescuers in saving lives in lots of ways.

Ross Kemp, Founder of ASAP Water Crafts