NevHouse takes the waste that we throw away and turns it into affordable shelter.

Our low cost homes, school classrooms, medical clinics and other structures are made from recycled materials. These places of sanctuary can be built in just 5 days and are functional either on or off the power grid. Each structure comes with solutions for light, clean water and sanitation.

We are creating a system whereby a specific population can build their own sustainable houses from recycled plastic that are hurricane 5 resistant. Delivered flat packed, built in 2 days by 2 unqualified workers. The concept is 3 factories

1) One that recycles plastic initially for the houses but can then be autonomous and sell on the recycled waste for other needs

2) The second makes the panels for the houses first then anything else they can sell on

3) Third provides ancillary services to make the community off the grid as much as possible solar panels, wind turbine, sanitation, water treatment, waste to energy.

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Karen’s experience really matched my needs. Her in depth knowledge was mana to me. Very constructive, no fluff and pragmatic. I came away with three concrete ideas that I can work on. Many thanks Karen!

Miriam Wilson, General Partner of NevHouse