When Kate Boyle was a child, her dad would leave letters and notes around the house for her to find; colourful envelopes filled with advice, love and encouragement. On Valentine’s Day, more often than not, she’d find a hand-drawn card on my bedside table: a small piece of paper which left her feeling ten feet tall.

Banjo Robinson was born from wanting to create these special moments for other children. Banjo sends letters, stickers and surprises all year round, introducing curious minds to the wonders of the world, and encouraging them to pick up a pencil and start writing (or drawing) a reply.

Kate’s hope is that Banjo’s enthusiasm for travel, humour, kindness and compassion will be a little bit contagious.

Really enjoyed our chat with Zia – found him to be super smart and insightful. His approach to problem-solving was so helpful to the team and we have tons of useful takeaways!  

Kate Boyle, Founder, Banjo Robinson