Creativity. Innovation. Technology.

Fire Tech Camp is bringing these together to empower your child with the skills and environment to build something amazing. Fire Tech Camp are London’s only tech daycamps, putting the power of technology into kids’ hands so that they can create their own games, design their own smartphone apps, and build robots to do their bidding!

During school holiday periods children age 9 to 17 will spend five days at Imperial College or another great venue gaining great skills, and getting exposure to the inner workings of the games and tech world. We now also offer “Sunday Series” for teen coders to learn to code hardware and software on Sunday afternoons, starting 12 Jan 2013. Young people will make new friends, stretch their horizons, and enjoy the support of a world class team.


Jill explains what Fire Tech Camp do in her own words in this short video.

How often do you get an hour of someones time who has already done what you are trying to do and is willing to share their thoughts with you? Gi’s feedback was super helpful.

Jill Hodges, Founder of Firetech