At Flat Earth Pizzas we use quality, seasonal and local ingredients on top of our organic, heritage grain dough.  

We created a vegetarian pizza brand that enabled people to choose more meat-free meals throughout their normal week without feeling like they are missing out on any of the flavour, nutrition or satisfaction that they normally associate with animal based dishes. In the UK, a switch from the “average diet”, which is rich in meat and dairy, to a nationally recommended diet, which includes more fruit, vegetables and nuts, could cause food-related emissions to fall by up to 17%.*Carbon Brief.

We have aligned ourselves to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that were most relevant to Flat Earth and hope to encourage meaningful action that positively impacts this global agenda.
Based in Hackney, currently operating out of The Railway Tavern in Dalston, we are seeking the correct route to grow.

An hour of flowing conversation with Layton has been pivotal in providing us with clarity and confidence to the building of our business model at such a key time for us. To have the opportunity to glean knowledge and insight from such an expert has been invaluable.

Sarah Brading, Flat Earth Pizzas