Jones Oviawe,

Money Story Technologies
Met with Andrew Evans

A financial wellbeing coaching app and platform designed to help people develop positive financial behaviours and improve financial competence leading to better financial wellbeing.

Our technology helps organisations support, measure and improve employee/customer financial wellbeing whilst helping organisations deliver on their client/customer social responsibility objectives.

Aligned to the ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ U.N Sustainable Development Goal No. 3, Money Story Technologies provides a comprehensive financial wellbeing coaching technologies that helps organisations to deliver and improve stakeholder financial wellbeing whilst developing positive financial behaviours and financial competence.

Our aim is to move 100 million people worldwide from financial anxiety to financial competence.

I found Andrew to be knowledgeable, direct and authentic in helping me evaluate the objectives and challenges in growing my venture. He acted as an experienced sounding board for the numerous strategic decisions that lay ahead and provided assistance in identifying resources to develop my learning and inform my commercial decision making  

Jones Oviawe, Founder & CEO , Money Story Technologies