Truagh Development Association CLG (TDA) is a voluntary community organisation based in county Monaghan, Ireland, that has worked to develop the community of Truagh since the mid 1970s.

On the southern side of the border, Truagh is the most northerly area of Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland, jutting into South Tyrone where it straddles an international border with its nearest neighbours in Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

In 2008, TDA established a social enterprise, the Community Services Programme.  This delivers a wide range of services in a large, dispersed rural/urban border area encompassing north Co Monaghan, south Co Tyrone and east Co Fermanagh.

Truagh Development Association CLG has a successful track record in managing, delivering and implementing a wide range of projects, including cross border and cross community projects at local, regional, national and European level.

Truagh Development Association’s Social Enterprise involves:

  • Identifying and providing a wide range of income generating services for the community such as meals on wheels, hot school lunches, remote working facilities, lifelong learning opportunities
  • Provision of complimentary services to the most vulnerable in our society, such as home visits for older people, good morning calls, support interacting with state agencies, delivery of care packages
  • A willingness to innovate and break new ground to promote Peace, Reconciliation and Progress using ongoing needs analysis to respond to changing circumstances and opportunities
  • Provision of a broad range of accessible community, social and economic services and facilities, including employment opportunities for those most distant from the labour market
  • A cross-border, cross-community approach
  • Co-operation with key stakeholders in the programme development


Charly was full of practical advice so the task ahead of me didn’t seem as daunting as before! She gave me plenty of food for thought about what I need to do to prepare for this growth and change while still holding on to our core values. This was a great experience that has helped focus me for the task in hand.

Fiona McCaffrey Jones, Truagh Development Association