When it comes to careers, a person’s family and social network remain significant constraints on their career planning and choices. And with a ratio of approximately one careers adviser to 1000 students being the norm at UK universities and schools the level of support available to those who wish to forge a new direction is limited.

We also know 61% of 25-33 year olds suffering a ‘quarter life crisis’ say finding a job or career they are passionate about is the main cause.

Therefore if you are uncertain about where your strengths and preferences map onto the world of work and lack the relevant connections to guide you, your career options, readiness, and optimism will be severely limited, regardless of your potential. And those from disadvantaged backgrounds are the worst affected.

Consequently, Udamon exists to provide uncertain career starters and changers with the knowhow and vision they need to confidently pursue their true direction in life.


Tony’s support was extremely helpful. This is testament to both his extensive understanding of the careers and recruitment sector, and strong empathy for the challenges faced by young people today.  We covered a lot of impactful talking points during our session, and I left with a number of exciting next steps to action.  

Henry Langdon, Founder, Udamon