Appt Health is a digital health social enterprise that was born from front line experience in the NHS. Appt’s founder, Hector, worked in a GP practice and saw first-hand the difficulty practices had when engaging their patients in appointments that help them to live longer and healthier lives.

From annual asthma reviews to vaccinations, the call and recall processes used to engage patients in preventative healthcare are time consuming and costly. The design of these services isn’t ideal for practice staff or for the patients wanting to access these appointments. As a result, we have seen nationally low uptake of primary care-led preventative health programmes at a national and regional level.

This means there is a huge opportunity to improve people’s lives and save the NHS money when treating serious illness down the line.

So Appt Health was born, to make it easier for primary care organisations to deliver these appointments and make them more accessible for the general public. We believe that this is the necessary first step to help the NHS transition its focus from treatment to prevention.

Tom was able to give me advice and guidance based on years of experience across a successful career. I came away with so much more clarity than when I went in, having made more progress in one hour than I had made in the last month.

Hector Smethurst, Founder, Appt Health