HISBE is a new type of supermarket, that advocates for a sustainable future for food and farming. We offer all the fresh food and groceries, household and bodycare products you need for your weekly shop, but we do things very differently to your average branch of Tesco.

We think through the complex issues of ethics and sustainability in food, put all the good solutions we find under one roof and make it as accessible and affordable for mainstream shoppers as we can. We want to make it easy for people to make better choices, by offering them better versions of the everyday things that they already buy.

I’ve long admired Tom as an innovator in his own right and a supporter of multiple businesses that exist to challenge and change the world for the better. We discussed HISBE’s expansion strategy for an hour and he shared many useful insights and pointers, thanks to his big-picture thinking and weighty experience of raising capital.

Ruth Anslow, Co-Founder, HISBE