Hubbub Enterprise aims to scale the most profitable ideas from Hubbub foundation to create sustainable revenue.

The objectives of Hubbub Enterprise are:

• Impact: To maximise the social and environmental impact of Hubbub by scaling ideas that are proven.
• Reach: To reach new audiences with Hubbub’s campaigns, products and services.
• Commercial: To generate revenue and explore new business models.

Hubbub Enterprise sells environmental products and services – these vary from a cigarette voting ashtray (, to delivering litter contracts for local councils, to food waste communications campaigns for multinational companies. The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities are designed in accordance with the service or product being delivered.

Each of hubs has a key sustainability goal and we measure the impact of each product or service in contributing to that goal. They are:
• Food: reducing food waste and packaging.
• Fashion: reducing environmental and social impact of consumer fashion
• Neighbourhood: reducing litter and improving green space
• Home: reducing energy bills and supporting home improvements.

My session with Karen Lynch was really inspiring, we covered loads of ground and she’s given me really clear tools and advice in response to the business challenges I shared. I feel well-equipped and excited to progress with the next steps around strategy development and Hubbub’s value proposition.

Rebecca Dove, Managing Director of Hubbub