Talent Cupboard is an online creative crowdsourcing service with a social purpose.

It’s a place where businesses can work with the most talented young creatives from across the UK to produce professional and cost effective print & digital marketing. It’s a new way of working where everyone wins.

Adam is responsible for the day to day operations of Talent Cupboard and to keep the company vision on track. A passionate young entrepreneur, keen writer, music fanatic and amateur runner.

Listen to Adam Ball explain who Talent Cupboard are and how they are helping graduates into paid work.

Adam met with Gi Fernando and spent time discussing customer acquisition strategies. In this video he explains how Gi emphasised the value of keeping it local at the beginning of growing your business.

Gi is a through and through entrepreneur with lots of experience in the area I’m working in. He had great insights for me and my business.

Adam Ball, General Manager of Talent Cupboard