Bright, low-income students are less likely to apply to university, less likely to receive an offer from university and less likely to graduate than their higher-income peers.

We give under-privileged students access to information and support that their more affluent peers already receive. We do this through cost-efficient, high-impact initiatives, using the insights we’ve gained by helping over 1,900 students apply to top universities.

At Project Access we believe that the current university community has the power to once and for all solve the access problem. Our mentors have recently been through the application process themselves, and remember what it was like. They help applicants from start to finish and provide support on everything from summer reading lists to their personal reflections on moving away from home.

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Karen is more creative on business model thinking than anyone I’ve met with before. She was very good at transferring the energy to think creatively about a problem, and I left with a new set of ideas to think about in terms of revenue structure.

Anna Gross, Co-Founder & CEO of Project Access