School councils give most young people their first experience of democracy. We help to make that experience fun, inclusive, powerful and useful for their future.

The Smart School Councils Community (SSCC) is a charity that aims to make school councils more fun, inclusive and powerful. School councils exist in 95% of UK schools but many are tokenistic, don’t get anything done and only involve small groups of young people.

We help to make schools more active, get more young people involved and ensure that young people’s first experience of democracy is a good one. And help young people to learn a wide range of skills that will help them in work and life. Things like speaking and listening, teamwork, public speaking and negotiation.

Meeting Gi was a fantastic experience that made me think differently about how we should be approaching our main future project. He gave me a new perspective and quickly saw to the heart of the things we’re doing well, and what we need to work on.

Greg Sanderson, Founder of Smart School Councils Community