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Frank Meehan


Met with EduKit, Notifyed , eSolidar

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Commercial Background

Frank is the co-founder of SparkLabs Global Ventures, a global early stage ventures capital firm based in San Francisco, Korea, Singapore, Tel Aviv and London and the co-founder with Brent Hoberman of, The StartUp App - selected by Apple as Apps of the Month in June 2015.

Frank was previously with Horizons Ventures where he served on the boards of Spotify, Siri, Summly, Affectiva and many others. He also lead Horizons investment into Deep Mind.

He is a graduate of the University of Sydney and the Royal Institute of Technology Sweden. He started as a software developer for Ericsson, and before Horizons he ran handsets and services for the Hutchison Whampoa Group's telecom's businesses.

  • Will help with
  • Business development
  • Raising investment
  • Strategy & planning
  • Technology
  • Philanthropic Interests
  • Education




Andrew Collins

...EduKit is an innovative social enterprise committed to ensuring that all students can achieve their potential with particular focus on those from disadvantaged or difficult backgrounds.

Really interesting experience

This was a great way to get some super useful insights / tips for your venture in a time-effective no, nonsense way. What fantastic resource for ambitious but time-poor entrepreneurs!



Suzanne Ashman

FREE secure one-way group messaging from Teachers to Students and Parents! Listen to Suzanne explain what Notifyed does and where they'll be in the next five years in this short video. ...


Meeting with Frank was a fantastic opportunity. He offered both practical suggestions and overarching strategic advice. I'm really looking forward to continuing the conversation.



Marco Barbosa

eSolidar is an all-encompassing platform where you can support the charities you love through charity shops, auctions, donations and volunteering.

A great meeting

Frank has a very clear vision about what path would be more suitable for us and which steps we should take to grow the company. Hope to keep having his feedback and advice as we grow.


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