Bayile Adeoti


Bayile is a seasoned entrepreneur and proficient project manager, boasting 12 years of rich experience within the dynamic hospitality industry. Throughout her career, she has held diverse roles spanning marketing, operations, and consulting.

Her extensive professional journey inspired the founding of Dechomai in 2015—a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to empowering Black and Minority Ethnic communities with essential leadership and entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to achieve financial independence.

At the heart of Dechomai’s mission lies the ambition to cultivate a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem within Ethnic minority communities, thus fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

You can learn more about Dechomai and their impactful initiatives at

Bayile’s dedication shines through in her passion for nurturing and coaching individuals from Black and ethnic minority backgrounds, guiding them towards becoming influential leaders and change-makers. She actively serves on Advisory Boards for numerous BME businesses and holds esteemed positions, including being a Young Enterprise Scotland Alumni Board member and a Women’s Enterprise Scotland Ambassador.

Bayile is a valuable member of the NSET Programme 1 Board and the Scottish Government steering committee for social Enterprise, where she contributes her expertise and insights. Additionally, she proudly holds the position of Equality Co-chair for the social enterprise subgroup.

Further showcasing her commitment to community and representation, Bayile serves as the Scottish correspondent writer for the Black Business Magazine, amplifying voices and stories within the Black business community.

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you – you delivered a fabulous and profound speech. Thank you!” – South Lanarkshire College