Carrie Longton

Co-founder Mumsnet
Carrie Longton

Carrie Longton is the co-founder of Mumsnet, an online community of parents sharing advice, support and product recommendations. She has delivered keynote speeches and hosted panels at numerous conferences and events.

Founded in 2000, Mumsnet existed in a pre-Google, pre-Amazon, pre TripAdvisor world and was the first to offer the peer to peer advice and reviews we now take for granted. Over the last 22 years it has become the UK’s busiest and most influential network for parents. Carrie was listed 7th in BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour’s 2013 Power List of the 100 most powerful women in the UK.

Having previously worked as a producer for Clive James before launching Mumsnet, Carrie is comfortable with broadcast media, both radio and TV. She is a very accomplished host and interviewer, having conducted many live interviews with celebrities (see below). Whilst at Mumsnet she also hosted and spoke at various conferences including Blogfest, a B2C conference helping influencers learn their craft, and Mumstock, a B2B conference on marketing to mums.

Carrie had breast cancer in 2017 and exited from Mumsnet in November 2018. She lives in London with her husband and three grown up children Grace, Noah and Mimi. To read more about how she started and scaled Mumsnet, click here.

Watch Carrie interview actor Saoirse Ronan below.

Carrie Longton Saoirse Ronan

Carrie Longton