Karen Mannion

Nutritional therapist
Karen Mannion

Karen Mannion (AKA The Health Creator) is a naturopathic nutritional therapist and hormone health expert, helping women confidently navigate the perimenopause and reclaim their zest for life.

She combines nutrition with mindset coaching to help clients achieve health and life goals. Karen uses neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for this, a form of therapy that looks at how the structure of our thinking either helps or hinders us.

Karen is a firm believer in addressing mental health issues with nutritional programmes. She has helped many clients tackle issues such as stress, anxiety and depression through a combination of nutrition and helping people change their thinking.

She is passionate and curious about health and how the body heals, specifically around the area of female hormonal health and excess oestrogen dominant conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, heavy bleeding and painful periods.

Karen works specifically with women who are going through the perimenopause, which can start aged mid to late 30s and can continue on to the mid 50s. It was Karen’s own health journey which led to her investigating a better way to navigate this period of a woman’s life.

Karen’s keynote topics include:

  • Eating for healthy hormones
  • The hormonal health journey for women of African descent
  • Eating for healthy weight loss
  • How to do a sugar detox
Karen Mannion