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Children’s wellbeing
Nicholas Carlisle

Nicholas Carlisle has dedicated his life to social justice and children’s wellbeing.

He graduated from Oxford University, trained as a human rights lawyer and practiced as a barrister in London while serving as chairman of the Amnesty International Charity.

In California he was licensed as a child psychotherapist, where he founded and led No Bully, a US based non-profit dedicated to eradicating bullying and cyberbullying worldwide. He has given a TEDx talk on bullying, and was recognized by Toms as a Game Changer, by Ashoka as a Champion of Children’s Wellbeing and by Hearts on Fire as a visionary.

Nicholas is the CEO and founder of  Power of Zero, a global initiative that brings together parents, educators, corporate citizens, and researchers to protect the wellbeing of children in an increasingly online world.  The steering committee includes UNESCO, UNICEF, Microsoft, Xbox, Snap, and NGO’s from around the world.

Speaking topics include:
The rise of bullying and cyberbullying worldwide.  In the last year 30% of internet users reported that they had been harassed online.   Have we reached a tipping point where online harassment becomes the new normal?  What does this mean for our public discourse, for our workplaces and what does it mean for society?
Childhood is moving online – and we are doing nothing about it.  Childhood is going through its biggest change since the Industrial Revolution. Children are now online from their earliest years and in more developed regions average five hours a day online by the age of eight, suffering impacts to their physical and psychological well-being that we are only beginning to understand.  Are these digital natives – naturally equipped for this new world – or do we need to mobilize to protect the well-being of the youngest generation?
Watch Nicholas’ TED talk on bullying here:

Nicholas Carlisle TED bullying

Nicholas Carlisle