Jim Cregan

Keeping Your Chin Up

Jim Cregan really enjoys talking about the experiences he’s had on his journey and how positivity can be used as a tool to progress in business and life.

He discovered iced coffee on a big trip to Oz and came back to the UK with a thirst to start his own business. Jim partnered up with his sister Sooz and together, they run Jimmy’s Iced Coffee from their HQ on the South Coast. Now Jimmy’s is available in every major retailer in the UK and one of their iced coffees is bought every four seconds. This success has been achieved despite Jim being allergic to business jargon.

But Jim, with his passion for positivity, loves to do more than just make iced coffee. He spends a portion of his time mentoring other businesses and young people. In fact Jim believes that young people hold the keys to the success of this planet and they need the best opportunities they can get.

By partnering with charities including the Wave Project and the John Egging Trust who work with young people, Jim is able to deliver engaging business workshops and talks for those who need it most.