Ruth Farenga

Founder, Conscious Leader and Author

Ruth has a stand-out ability to connect with her audience and motivate them to act. She is Founder of consultancy, Conscious Leaders and Author of a bestselling book ‘Next Level Leadership: nine lessons from conscious leaders’, currently shortlisted for the business book awards. She has spoken and facilitated workshops for big brands including Accenture, Barclays and Amazon. Her focus is next level leadership; how leaders can practically step for the success of their businesses and the fulfilment of people around them.

Ruth is a great believer that if you change the way you look at someone, you can change the way they feel about themselves. Leadership change starts from within and moves onto our intention and how we show up for others.

This is how we support people and businesses to thrive.

Ruth runs the Conscious Leaders Podcast on which she showcases great people-leaders, CEOs and Founders who really step up for their employees. Together, they unpack what’s really going on to help listeners understand new philosophies and give practical, actionable take-aways.

Ruth is committed to helping leaders reach their next level. She will leave your audience ready to take next steps to do their best work for their people.

In 2023, she was selected for TEDx for her talk ‘Tapping into the leadership superpower’ which you can watch here:


‘Personal, credible, practical’

~ Sir John Timpson CBE, Chairman, Timpson

‘Ruth is what all speakers are meant to be; a great story teller, backed by facts you want to tell your friends. A great communicator, who talks about empathy, while connecting to her crowd. And, a great teacher, as the audience do not just leave inspired, but with tools they can put into action the very same day.’

~ Sam Conniff, Creator, Uncertainty Experts, Author, ‘Be More Pirate’

‘Three things about Ruth: First, she cares. Second, she doesn’t latch onto popular trends; she does what she knows is right. And finally, she asks very penetrating questions of her audience’

~ Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia

‘Wise, compassionate, successful leadership for today’

~ Ciaron Dunne, CEO, Genie Ventures

‘Working with Ruth and Conscious Leaders has been a game changing experience for our company and leadership team’

~ Sean O’Shea, Managing Director, Hable

“Ruth is at the top of her game. It’s partly her background, having worked for large corporations. She’s been working with leaders and mindfulness in corporations for 10 years. And she’s so authentic; she never ceases to amaze me. Very credible.”

~ June Cory, CEO, MyMustard