Karen Mattison

Flexible working foodie
Karen Mattison

Karen is passionate about the potential of social businesses to bring about lasting change that works for organisations, individuals, and society as a whole, and regularly speaks on this subject at business events and to the media.

She enjoys speaking about her personal experience of founding social enterprises, driving change in inclusion and diversity in UK businesses, and promoting partnership between social organisations and business.

Karen is the founder of three social enterprises: Women Like Us, an award winning business that supported women with children back into the jobs market; Timewise which spent 15 years championing the concept of flexible working and driving the changes that have made it a reality, and now Cook for Good, a social enterprise bringing together community and businesses through food and cooking.

Karen is now working full time at Cook for Good building a community teaching kitchen bringing together local residents and businesses in the heart of London’s Kings Cross.

She is a natural connector and loves bringing people together – ideally with food involved!

Watch Karen explain why she loves making social change through business here:

Karen Mattison Conduit


Karen Mattison