Tom Rippin

Purposeful disruptor
Tom Rippin

Tom Rippin is a multi-award-winning, international social entrepreneur, speaker and writer. He has an unusually broad set of interests and has been published in the fields of social innovation, management, economics and cancer research.

Drawing on his experience as a research scientist he applies insights from systems thinking to organisational management to paint a bright future of what a truly healthy economy will look like.

As a recovering management consultant, Tom has served global corporates and NGOs, multilateral initiatives such as the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and several UK public services.

Between leaving McKinsey & Company and founding On Purpose, Tom was an advisor to the CEO of Comic Relief and ran the international operations of (RED), the business founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. He is a Trustee of Global Action Plan, which connects what’s good for you with what’s good for the planet and the International Futures Forum, which develops people for the 21st century.

In the last decade, Tom has focussed on developing leaders who will help transform our economy. By founding On Purpose he has helped over 800 professionals transform their lives and careers and – unusually for a social enterprise – scaled internationally to work in Europe’s three largest economies.

Tom’s speaking topics include:

What’s your real purpose? As the debate about organisational purpose spreads, so does the confusion it causes. Tom brings some much-need clarity and the challenge to be true to what purpose really means.

What is a healthy economy? Most people agree that our current economy is not working for everyone, but few offer an alternative. Tom doesn’t just improve our current ideas of what an economy – and the organisations within it – should be, he reframes the conversation. By drawing on an understanding of how human bodies work, Tom paints a picture of what a healthy future could look like.

Bringing about the transformation we need Collective efforts to improve our world are focussed on incremental change. This won’t be enough. Tom describes how the change we need will grow from a transformation within each of us. Only a shift in how we all understand and navigate the world can generate a just and regenerative future. Once you know what you are looking for, you can see that thousands of organisations all around us are already leading the way.

See Tom in action here:

Tom Rippin

Tom Rippin