Marie Cudennec Carlisle

CEO Goldfinger
Marie Cudennec Goldfinger Factory

Marie co-founded Goldfinger, an award-winning social enterprise that crafts beautiful furniture and objects from reclaimed and sustainable materials, benefitting people and planet.

All Goldfinger profits support its social impact. Through the Goldfinger Academy, Goldfinger teaches marginalised young people the craft of woodworking, so they can progress into meaningful work. The Academy also offers community craft courses, workshops and corporate away-days that enhance wellbeing and celebrate the joys of making.

Goldinger also supports its community through People’s Kitchen: To Your Door, delivering hot meals and doorstep chats to vulnerable and isolated North Kensington residents.

In 2018, Marie was awarded a scholarship to attend Harvard Business School’s course for non-profit leaders. Most recently, Goldfinger was nominated by the Evening Standard for Social Enterprise Company of the Year.



Marie Cudennec Goldfinger Factory