David McQueen

Leadership legend
David McQueen

David McQueen is a speaker, coach and advisor who is passionate about leadership.

A raconteur, humorist and huge lover of research and data, he delivers his content to clients with a unique style that is remembered long after the events. Not afraid to tackle the tough subjects, he is also adept enough to manage sensitive subjects in a professional manner. He focuses on work culture, storytelling and the power of good presentation skills.

Over the last thirty years he has honed his experience in leadership. This includes leading teams in his early career, starting companies and serving in non executive board roles at companies across all sectors. Currently he works as a leadership coach and facilitator with organisations across the private, public and third sector.

His speaking topics include:

  • Keynotes focused on inclusive leadership, exploring how senior and middle leaders can harness skills such as decision making, active listening, power questioning, conflict management and open conversations to strengthen their leadership and impact.
  • What it takes to build and shape positive and healthy workplace cultures. Focusing on themes such as system design, talent management and resilience, and empowering leaders and managers alike to create high performing and psychologically safe work cultures.
  • Keynotes focused on effective interpersonal communication at work. Themes include influence, confident speaking, how to have difficult conversations and business storytelling. These presentations will take people out of their comfort zone but also empower clients to think and act more confidently when communicating.

David is the host of The BRAVE Leader, a podcast focusing on inclusive leadership, and is also writing his first book on the power of leadership coaching, due for release in 2022.

David McQueen