Professor Alison Clark-Wilson

Education enthusiast
Alison Clark-Wilson

A former maths teacher who taught in the 1990s, Alison is passionate about education and its power to affect how we all learn to navigate, survive and hopefully thrive on the planet in more sustainable and equitable ways.

Alison is a Founding Trustee of Maths on Toast, a London-based charity with national reach that aims to “make maths family and fun” through its collaborations with community and industry partners.

She is also Head of Education for Goldstar Education, a social enterprise that provides a ground-breaking toolkit to help global EdTech start-ups build the most impactful EdTech products and services.

Now a Professor of Digital Education at University College London, the impact of Alison’s research spans the globe. From supporting governments to develop impactful digital education strategies to helping the smallest of EdTech start-ups to develop their impact story, she is driven to evidence the impacts – good and bad!

Alison has presented keynotes, and been involved in many panels as both a Chair and a Panellist for: Wolfram, Intel plc, EdTechX Holdings (Ibis Capitol), Hyve Group plc, International Boys School Coalition, The School and Academies Show, Embassy of Austria, thecamp, UNO internacional Colombia.

“Alison is the first person I turn to for advice on content, chairing panels and speaking on the use of technology in education. She has a deep and broad knowledge on evidencing impact and has a bulging network of contacts to draw on. Definitely an expert in the field.” – Anna Bailey, Head of Content, Hyve Group plc 

Alison Clark-Wilson